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Are you searching for entertainment services for your Wedding or Corporate function?

Spinners is an innovative entertainment production company that specializes in combining the industry’s best DJs with world class live-music acts to form a memorable and refreshing One-Of-A-Kind hybrid.

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Years from your wedding-the ONLY thing your friends and family are going to remember is whether or not they had a good time. WE can help you influence that long lasting memory simply by being great at what we do- with FULL commitment to honoring one of the greatest days of your life.

What We Do



Live entertainment takes an event to a whole new level.


Lighting can transform a good wedding venue into a spectacular wedding venue, perfectly tailored to your taste and event.

Multimedia Enhancements

Using technology, such as plasma television video screens, is a way to personalize your event and to “wow” your guests.

Magic Mirror

This is the newest and hottest twist on the photo booth concept to hit the events industry
in a while.

MC/DJ Talent

Finding the Right Personality
to Manage Your Entertainment Scenario 


Jay Della Valle


Jason Craig
(aka Ice Poppy)

MC / Entertainer

Kevin Walters

Director Of Operations, Percussionist/entertainer

Michael Murphy


Jan Michael


Dylan Scance


Michael Turco


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