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Mind-Blowing Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Options

Twitter Facebook By Jay Della Valle Holiday Parties that leave long-lasting memories and a thirst for next year- is our Goal!! Some of you might be looking to throw a quaint holiday party for your extended family at a local restaurant. Maybe a DJ is not what you need-...

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10 Songs that Will Go Over Huge at Your Wedding Receptions

Twitter Facebook By Jay Della Valle "We just want people dancing and having fun the whole time." what most of my clients tell me as soon as we sit down to discuss the details of their upcoming wedding. To which - I of course reply "Well, thankfully you've hired...

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Out of the Box Bride & Groom Intro Songs

Twitter Facebook By Jay Della Valle "Out of the Box" Bride & Groom Intro Songs Most of my clients are looking to stay away from what everyone else does. They want to make choices that will help make their party stand out. There are many ways in which you can do...

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Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Twitter Facebook By Jay Della Valle Hello, Beautiful People! Happy April to everyone. Hope you're all feeling as refreshed as I am with this long overdue spring weather. Recently, one of my clients asked me a question I thought would make a great topic for today. "In...

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